We care about your pet's mental and physical health.

About us

Cozy Paws Company is a family business. We are real pet lovers who think we don’t talk enough about dogs’ and cats’ physical and mental wellbeing. Our goal is to offer products that really improve pets’ and their owners’ lives.

We promise to be the best company


1. Only The Best Products

We extensively research and test each product that we offer. All our products have an impact on your pet’s health. And the quality is always top notch.

2. The Best Customer Service. Period.

We want your shopping experience at Cozy Paws to be worry-free and fun! Our friendly customer service, our 30 day money back guarantee and our 365-day warranty allow us to proudly affirm that we offer the best customer service on the market.

3. We Give Back

We think it is important to have a social impact. With ongoing strategic partnerships, many pet shelters and pet initiatives are empowered by external help so they can focus more on what they do best: Help pets find a loving family. Each year, we contribute because we care.

One of our best sellers

Cozy Paws Company is home of the best Calming pet bed on the market. Loved my millions, our Calming Pet Bed has been developed and designed to be the fluffiest, most durable and comfiest bed ever created. It has a real calming effect and you and your pet will fall in love with it.

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