Cozy Paws Calming Cat Bed
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Cozy Paws Calming Cat Bed


The last bed your cat will ever want.

Help your cat live stress-free with the Cozy Paws Calming Cat bed, the most loved cat bed worldwide.

  • Reduces anxiety and increases relaxation
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Reduces the feeling of vulnerability
  • Eases pain and corrects posture
  • Made of soft and durable washable material
  • Anti-Slip rubber bottom

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Did you know that anxiety disorders affect cats and kittens too? Cats are known to be very chill animals, but it is not always the case. Cats can be very stressed! The Cozy Paws Calming Cat Bed helps reduce anxiety while improving sleep quality and health. The elevated anti-anxiety sides are specially designed to let your cat burrow and find peace. The bed can fit kittens and adult cats of all types. Our many colors will fit in any home decor and will give a cozy vibe to the room.

The Cozy Paws Calming Cat Bed also features vegan and washable materials, anti-slip underside and is easily portable to be used by your pet anywhere. It is the original anti-anxiety donut cat bed loved worldwide and your cat will love it too.

Try it for 30 days and if you are not satisfied, get your money back.

See sizing chart

7 reviews for Cozy Paws Calming Cat Bed

  1. Angelica Goodman

    Took 60 cm, fit 6 kilograms thick cat.

  2. Jackie Love

    I like it. Hope the cat will like it

  3. Wanda Baker

    The bed is excellent. Super soft and light. Bought a second one already. Delivery is less than 2 weeks. Repeatedly wrote to the seller for questions and was always answered quickly.

  4. Pattie Littleford

    That could be my Walter in the picture, really comfy bed, he just snuggles into it and doesn’t want to leave.

  5. Katherina

    It took a little time for my cat to “discover” the bed, but now she uses it all the time! She’s really comfortable in it. I got the smallest size because my cat is pretty small and I measured her in a ball configuration while sleeping. It’s hard to say if she’d enjoy a size up because she does like the bed so much, but if I were to order again I might get a size larger and err on the bigger side.

  6. Billy Dubé

    so cute and soft!!! thank you!

  7. Nicole

    My little Eggy loves his new rainbow fluffy bed! I was expecting it to take a while to arrive after reading reviews but his bed was here in days! It arrived so fast that I couldn’t leave a review for a few weeks! Thank you!!

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